To reside and start working in the United Arab Emirates, a visa is mandatory for expatriates entering Dubai. Usually, the company which employs them does all the legal activities related to application and provision of visa along with the work permit. It is a necessity which helps in opening a bank account, getting an official driving license, obtaining the registration of vehicle and many other purposes. Visa cancellation in Dubai is an active process which needed to be done even if your visa has been expired.

The status of the visa can change the requirements and process as per need. There are various specifications in different cases.

Consequences Upon Non Cancellation

It is necessary to avoid complications during future entry to GCC and UAE.


If you will not notify your employer regarding your departure, you can be declared as running away which can result in your entry ban for a specific term and you might also lose your privilege of gratuity and final amount or salary.

Debts Circumstances

Upon having outstanding debts, a person may be subjected to imprisonment if they try to re-enter the country.

The procedure of visa cancellation in Dubai should be initiated by sponsor or the employer. If you are conducting your business in any of the freezone, the Authority of Free Zones will be responsible and act as a sponsor for visa cancellation.

Documents Required for Work Visa Cancellation in Dubai

  • Passport of the sponsor (copy)
  • Sponsored worker original passport
  • The typed application form prepared by the agent which has sponsor’s signature and company’s seal should be submitted in 3 copies, 1 for DNRD and 2 for sponsored worker.
  • Establishment card (copy)
  • Commercial license (copy)
  • Your entry permit which can help in modifying the status in future

Documents for Residence Visa Cancellation

  • Sponsored worker passport (original)
  • Copies of cancellation certificates which is approved by Ministry of Labor, 1 for DNRD and the other for the applicant.
  • Commercial license (copy)
  • Establishment card (copy)

If you have sponsored your family, you have to cancel family visa prior to go for work permit cancellation.

Documents Required

  • Family members or Sponsored person’s original passport
  • Sponsor valid passport (copy)
  • Application of cancellation typed by the agent. 2 copies are kept by the sponsor and 1 is retained by DNRD

If you are residing outside with valid documentations and stay for over 6 months or more (even a day) outside the UAE, your visa will be expired automatically or become invalid. The new visa will be denied in the future if you don’t go through the process of visa cancellation in Dubai.


The status can be varied according to the specific case

If you reside 6 months or more outside the UAE, following documents should be submitted:

  • 2 copies of application for resident visa cancellation with the signatures of sponsor
  • Sponsored original passport or leave statement
  • Departure list which proves the expiration of residence permit
  • Sponsor’s passport (copy)

If you reside less than 6 months outside the UAE, following documents are mandatory:

  • Sponsor’s signature application of residence visa cancellation
  • Sponsored passport or the proof of residence expiry
  • Original ID (Identity Card of the UAE)
  • If the sponsor’s visa is cancelled, the sponsored visa will automatically expire no matter what is the validity

If you have MOL or DNRD work permit, following documents are required for visa cancellation in Dubai from outside

  • 2 copies if visa cancellation form to terminate the employment permit which is issued by the MOL and if the permit was issued by DNRD, the sponsored person visa will be cancelled by DNRD
  • Establishment card (copy)
  • Commercial license (copy)
  • Departure list which is issued by Unit of Cancellation
  • If the person is outside the UAE, additional 120 AED will be charged for the process of visa cancellation in Dubai.

These are actually singly entry visas which are cancelled automatically when the person exit the country within the period of validity. AED 100 fine is charged daily if person failed to leave the country within the period.

The sponsored domestic worker or maid is required to get cancellation of labor card, and residence permit from DNRD which is usually done by the sponsor.


  • Cancellation form of visa from DNRD dully filled by a professional typist (3 copies)
  • Maid’s passport (copy or original)
  • Sponsor’s passport (copy or original)
  • Labor card of maid
  • Ticket (one way)
  • On the day of departure obtain the boarding pass for worker or the maid you hired and furnish the documents during immigration for the visa cancellation in Dubai.