Employing a domestic helper for home chores is the most convenient thing any family can have as a luxury in the UAE. However, the process of sponsoring involves many formalities and time consuming procedures which certainly make you look for a professional assistance of PRO services for guidance throughout the process.

We strive to serve you in this hectic course of action. Leveraging our network with ministries & government departments and providing long-standing experience, we have helped numerous families in cutting down the investment and precious time by offering quick maid visa services in Dubai. Our team members constantly keep in touch with the respective authorities and agents to find out even minor changes in the legal procedures which could bother our clients.


  • Salary:

Sponsor or Head of the family can obtain the visa if they earn AED 6000 per month or accommodation + AED 5000 a month.

  • Countries:

You are only allowed to sponsor your housemaid from

  • Sri Lanka,
  • Ethiopia,
  • India,
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Bangladesh


1 year


As per law, bachelors are not allowed to get maid visa services in Dubai.

Time frame : 2 weeks (12-14 working days)

Documents required:

  • • Maids Passport copy
  • • Visit visa /residence cancellation
  • • Passport size photo
  • • Maid insurance (mandatory for visa stamping)
  • • Sponsor passport copy
  • • Sponsor visa page copy
  • • Sponsor emirates id original
  • • Sponsor Ejari copy
  • • Sponsor Tenancy contract
  • • Sponsor marriage certificate
  • • Sponsor Dewa bill copy
  • • Sponsor 3 months salary statement
  • • Sponsor Iban number (to get the refund back)
  • • If same nationaly then no relationship letter…
Type Fees
Entry permit: Inside country AED 1155.00
Outside country AED 385.00
Change status AED 640 (if the maid is inside change status applicable)(for outside not necessary
Medical Normal - AED 300.00
48 Hours - AED 550.00
VIP - AED 850.00
Emirates ID AED 170.00
Visa Stamping Normal - AED 480.00 VIP - AED 580.00
Deposit AED 2020.00

It is actually a legal approval by the government for an expat woman who can come to the United Arab Emirates to serve as a housemaid for her sponsor or employer. The immigration can provide the affirmation after you go through the standard procedures and submit required documents. According to the Federal Law#8, Article 3; Domestic Servants who are working in any private residences are fully exempted from the Law of Labor. That is the reason why you have to apply in Immigration Department directly. PRO Desk provides utmost solution of releasing burden off your shoulder through our top-notch maid visa services in Dubai.

  • Entry Permit:

Through this, your worker will get pink visa which will allow her to enter in the UAE

  • Maid’s Contract

It is an agreement signed between housemaid and sponsor for the determination of salary package offered

  • Residence Visa

This will allow her to stay in the Emirates for 1 year legally

  • Maid’s Card

This will be issued by the Immigration Department for the identification of the servant

You need to have an affidavit attested regarding to the NO-RELATIONSHIP status so that you can process and opt for maid visa services in Dubai.

For that following standards are applicable

  • The applicant should be present with the valid passport (copy+original of last and first page of visa)
  • The age of our housemaid should be 30+
  • Passport of your selected housemaid (1st and last page photocopy )
  • Sworn Affidavit VIII (Misc)


Depending upon the attested documents, further things may be needed

The processing start on the same day after submission within 3—45 minutes

If you are planning to bring an Indian national housemaid, the procedures will be performed through Indian Embassy or Consulates for completion of immigration clearance. You can take maid visa services in Dubai provided by PRO Desk, the most reliable consultancy.

Step By Step Procedure

STEP 1 –

Start your process by

  • Making a certificate of NO RELATION from consulate (applicable if you and your maid holds same nationality prior to coming UAE)
  • Then prepare an application of maid visa from a reliable Typing Center
  • After that attach all the document and submit them at the Immigration

Specifications: If your maid us already living in the UAE or holds tourist/visit visa, or going through the cancellation of previous visa, these processes are not obligatory

STEP 2 –

  • When you receive the visa, start preparing the Contract of Maid’s Employment both in English and Arabic from an official typing center and make sure to get it attested from Notary Public.
  • The seal of legal translator should be stamped on Employment Contract.
  • At Notary, the following documents are required
    • 3 copies of typed contract
    • Isa and passport copies (both sponsor’s and maid’s)
    • Selected maid’s original visa should be shown

Specifications: You will get back 2 original copies by Notary of your contract. You can attach 1 with your file and the second one will be used for further attestations. (To know more about your file, contact our expert team of maid visa services in Dubai and make the process error free)

Addresses of Notary:

  • First Floor, Al Qusais, Al Tawar Centre, Tel: 04-2639000, (You can take metro from: Green Line – Al Qusais)
  • Al Barsha, Traffic Department, Tel: 04-3111300; (You can take Metro from: Red Line – First Gulf Bank)

STEP 3 –

Now go to the KARAMA (Foreign Affairs Ministry) for the attestation of your contract which was already attested by Ministry of Justice and Public Notary.

STEP 4 –

After that you have to prepare all the forms which are mentioned below under the sub heading of Consulate Forms

STEP 5 –

Now along with the entire set of documents and your guarantor who has an original passport, you have to get all the documents attested from IVS Global Services Private Limited by submitting fees.

The address of IVS is below: Floor # 2, Office # 201, 202, Business Atrium Building, Oud Metha, Opposite Al Nasr Club, Dubai. Tel: +971 4 357 9585

NOTE: Don’t take handwritten forms and hire a typing professional. You can save the hassle by getting our maid visa services in Dubai

STEP 8 –

The next process is to send the form of clearance by immigration authorization and attested contract to the Indian Maid for clearance formalities.

STEP 9 –

After receiving, your selected servant can submit the insurance papers along with attested documents at the office of Protector of Immigrant and pay the fee of insurance. The maid will receive an immigration clearance which will be stamped on her passport so that she can fly legally.


If your selected housemaid has already served anyone for 3 years in the same region or country, it is not mandatory to get POI clearance stamp. She needs an Employment Contract which is duly attested by Consulate to show at the airport. Contact PRO Desk to get maid visa services in Dubai

Consulate Forms

  • 1 Copy of Official Application as formatted in Annexure – I
  • 3 Consulate permits as stated in Annexure- II
  • 1 Completely filled Employment Contract as per Annexure-III attested by Dubai Courts’ Notary Public, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice and Indian Consulate – filled in Arabic and English
  • Security Deposit payment authorization as in Annexure-IV
  • Employer Undertaken stated in Annexure –V
  • Guarantee from an employed Indian national who is not related to the maid or the sponsor as per Annexure –VI (Note: the guarantor should sign the undertaking in the presence of IVS Global and Labor Officer
  • NOC for the official recruitment of housemaid from India in UAE – 4 Copies should be filled if the servant is from Andhra Pradesh (not for other states)
  • 2 copies of original visa of employment
  • Sponsor’s and guarantor’s passports their photocopies
  • Certificate of salary or income which should not be less than AED 10,000
  • Housemaid’s passport photocopy
  • If the employer already has or had any Indian Maid who was working with him; a full details in the official format is required to be submitted. Even if the visa of previous maid was cancelled by the sponsor, it is obligatory to submit cancellation papers. For further details of annexure, contact our team providing maid visa services in Dubai


  • Fees deposit at IVS Global (Consulate of India)
  • Emigration permit is not allowed for maid who is below the age of 30
  • The presence of applicant is required while the application is submitted
  • Minimum payable salary of a maid must be AED1100 a month
  • SIM Card and a mobile phone should be provided by employer to the housemaid
  • Every year return air ticket is obligatory
  • The working time should not exceed 9 hours

Are You a National of the UAE?

If you are an Emirati, you have to complete all the documents except the Indian Guarantor.

If you comply with the following criteria, you are eligible to apply for maid visa services in Dubai from Nepal.

STEP 1 –

Documents required

If you want to submit application of Entry Visa at Immigration, you should prepare following documents or get a maid visa services in Dubai to make the process stress free.


Attestations and Submissions

STEP 3 –

Nepal Embassy Documents Requirements

  • Minimum salary if AED 10000 with tenancy contract and should exclude the cost of accommodation is mandatory for sponsor. If he does not earn that much, he is allowed to attach the salary certificate of the spouse.
  • To proof absence of criminal activities and records, Police Clearance Certificate should be submitted.
  • Monthly salary undertaking to housemaid from Nepal.
  • Refundable deposit should be submitted to the embassy
  • Marriage certificate of the male sponsor.
  • Complete set of 14 documents.

STEP 4 –

  • After you are done with attestation procedures, you have to send the attested copy of contract and visa to the employee, so that she can apply for the Permit from the Kathmandu Department of Foreign Employment.
  • If your documents are ready, it will take a day at the Embassy for the completion of attestation. You can book an appointment any time to make the process easy by getting Pro Desk maid visa services in Dubai

Security Deposit Refund

If due to any reason, you have cancelled or want to cancel the employment contract of housemaid from Nepal, including absence, or refusal to come back from vacations; you can contact the Embassy to claim your security deposit refund by going through following procedures after submitting the required documents.

  • If your employee is still in the UAE, ask her to call during work hours at the Embassy or send an email which should mention her contact number prior to sending her back to her country.
  • A written request should be submitted in the Embassy which should state the reason of termination of domestic servant along with following documents
    • Visa cancellation proof
    • Air ticket copy to Nepal
    • Stamp of exit or exit paper
    • Original receipt which was provided by the Embassy when you deposited the security amount
  • You can also send your authorized representative which you can get by receiving PRO Desk maid visa services in Dubai along with the documents to get your security deposit back which will be refunded on same day. If your housemaid has left the country or not present in the UAE, the Embassy will take at least 7 days to refund your money.
  • If the housemaid complaints about the remaining dues which are not provided by sponsor, it will be deducted from the security deposit and you will receive only the balance amount.

For further details, call us now at +971-56-5545073 and get our maid visa services in Dubai

You are eligible to get the maid visa services in Dubai for hiring a domestic servant from Sri Lanka if

  • If your monthly salary is more than AED 6000 or not less than AED 5000 excluding accommodation
  • You have to pay annual fee
  • You and your spouse should not by any means be related to the housemaid
  • Employer or sponsor and his family should be legal residents in the UAE

Documents Required

You have to submit following documents at immigration for Entry visa application of housemaid from Sri Lanka

  • Dully typed application of Entry Visa Permit which is prepared by professional typing center
  • 1 photograph of your selected domestic servant in white background
  • Passport copy of the servant
  • Sponsor’s and his spouse’ passport copy

Attestation & Submission

  • The labor or employment contract should be attested on payment from Immigration. This can be performed while you submit the visa application.
  • If the sponsor is working as a free zone employee, and government or semi government worker, he does not need to attest his salary certificate.
  • If he is an investor partner, following documents are required
    • His contract copy of shareholding venture
    • Financial security deposit copy of all partners
    • Partners’ list
    • Trade license copy
  • Ejari or RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) online system attested tenancy residence contract copy which shows that the employer owns at least two bedrooms apartment should be submitted.
  • If the sponsor is living out of Dubai, he should attach Electricity Bill, and Tenancy Contract attested by Municipality
  • Consulate affidavit which states that the housemaid from Sri Lanka is not related with employer or his spouse. A separate affidavit should be prepared for both if the maid holds the same nationality as sponsor. The fees of Affidavit should be paid at Sri Lankan Embassy.
  • If the selected servant is already in the country on tourist or visit visa, you have to pay extra charges of status change. In this case, the Consulate related procedures are not applicable. However, a certificate of NO-RELATION should be submitted if sponsor and maid hold the same nationality of same country. This certificate is mandatory at the time of entry visa application.

The visa of your housemaid will be issued on spot if all the requirements are complete.

3 copies of a labor contract will be provided along with a valid visa that has to be agreed upon and signed by both employer and servant at the time of stamping. To enter the fixed amount in the Labor Contract, the immigration officer will ask the decided salary of your maid. You can contact our experts of maid visa services in Dubai who can arrange all the attested documents without giving you any stress.

Documents Required at Consulate or Sri Lankan Embassy

  • 1 Copy of Sponsor’s Passport
  • 1 Copy of Housemaid’s Passport
  • 1 Duly filled form of Contract signed by the sponsor
  • 2 Photocopies along with original visa
  • Deposit proof for the female domestic worker which is refundable upon termination of the contract as per conditions mentioned in the contract.


  • AED 825 should be the minimum pay scale of housemaid from Sri Lanka
  • The working timings should not exceed the range of 12 hours/day
  • Airfare or Ticket should be provided by sponsor at the time of joining and going back to the country
  • If the employer is an expatriate, the validity of visa is 1 year
  • If the sponsor is a UAE national, the validity is 2 years

Documents required for Security Deposit Refund:

You can contact the embassy or consulate after the lawful departure of your domestic servant or you can get our maid visa services in Dubai to complete the process

  • Security deposit refund application
  • Passport copy which has departure stamp
  • Employment contract copy
  • Cash receipt provide to you at the time of deposit submission
  • Authentic visa cancellation receipt which was issued by Immigration office
  • Return Air ticket copy
  • Original letter by your housemaid which states that you don’t have any dues to pay to the servant which is duly signed before her departure.

Sri Lankan Consulate Address in Dubai

Villa No. 2, Street 322-B, Al Mankool Street, Al Hudaiba Area, Dubai.

Tel. 04-398 6991, +971 4 398 6535

Consular Hours

8 am to 3 pm Mondays to Fridays

For further details, call us now at +971-56-5545073 and get our maid visa services in Dubai