Upon starting you business in the UAE, one of the important part is to obtain a business license. The most employed and required type of permit is the commercial or trade one. It designates all the major activities that you can carry out. The renewal & trade license cancellation in Dubai requires expert knowledge.

Approving Authorities

For any entity which is established or going through liquidation process has to go through stress filled steps in order to get the legal work done regarding their licenses. Dubai Chamber of Commerce and DED (Department of Economic Development) controls all of the procedures related to trade license in Dubai.

However, for some business categories, the licensing necessitates approval from authorities and certain ministries such as financial institutions and banks, insurance companies, Central Bank, Economy and Commerce ministry. Manufacturing businesses require the special consent from the Ministry of Industry and Finance, whereas, medical and pharmaceutical products need approval from the Ministry of Health. If you find yourself in oil or gas production, there are several other authorities from whom you need approvals for cancellation and trade license renewal in Dubai. Some major activities such as insurance and jewelry setups require a financial guarantee which is issued by a bank already operating in UAE.


Types of Trade Licenses in Dubai

All of the startups can ask for the permit from one of these 3 categories

  • Commercial:

This will cover your trading activities

  • Professional:

Artists and craftsmen apply for this type and get registered

  • Industrial:

For manufacturing activities and industrial working

Some special licenses such as Entrepreneurial Business License, Business Operation Permit, etc are also issued by the authorities with specific criteria.

Process of Trade License Renewal in Dubai

By hiring our expert professional, you can have an error free renewal. There are 2 process through which you can have your permit renewed

Process #1

  • At any Tas’heel Centre, the documents can be submitted to DED counters.
  • The payment is provided to the cashier in the form of cash to receive your license on spot.

You can also pay the fees later through bank account or credit card for trade license renewal in Dubai.

Timings of Tas’heel Centre: Saturday to Thursday 7:30am to 7:00pm


  • Make Your ID

You can create a new account for your company in DED website. Submit the required information to get your new user name and password. You will get an authorization form at the bottom of the page. Print it, fill the information, sign and put seal for verification and submit at the DED Business Village branch or Dubai Mall branch. Don’t forget to attach the partners list, license copy to get authorization.

  • Activated Account at DED Website

Your ID will be generated and you can manage your transaction for renewal and other requirements. Once you get the EJARO, it will be automatically linked with the system of license renewal. When you click the option of RENEW, it will navigate you to staff information and EJARI details. Upon clicking CONTINUE, you will receive a payment voucher. To submit the fee you can use your credit card or direct debit account or submit cash at DED branches.

There are several offline and online portals available by the DED. We at PRO Desk, strive to provide services from start to finish for the trade license renewal in Dubai. Contact us for hassle free offers.


Documents for Trade License Renewal in Dubai

Hiring our company will ensure that all the papers required by various authorities are submitted on time without any error which can save your time and efforts of standing in long queues.

  • BR/1 – Completed Typed form
  • Trade License Copy
  • Tenancy Contract Copy and Certificate of EJARI Registration.

Make sure that your tenancy contract has minimum one month validity.

Each and every company conducting their activities in the UAE is required to apply for trade license renewal in Dubai annually.

Trade License Cancellation in Dubai

There is a large part of business closing in the UAE which deals with the compensation for its employees. The employer has to deal with the cancellation of staff visas and work permits. A profound coordination is required in between Ministry of Labor and Naturalization & Residency Department.

As per the labor law of the UAE, employers should give a paid notice of two month to the employees before terminating the contract. There are various things you have to take care before trade license cancellation in Dubai. In such situations, a helping hand is never a bad idea. You can contact PRO Desk to take your worries away while you can relax during the liquidation process of your company.

In some situations, employees are allowed to keep the residency visa until the license of the company runs out. Prior to cancellation and finalizing labor contacts, it is mandatory to formally cancel Etisalat and DEWA accounts to retrieve your deposits.

Taking all of this in consideration, trade license cancellation in Dubai requires the approvals from federal and government authorities and specific document applications.

Documents for Trade License Cancellation in Dubai

The documents required for trade license cancellation in Dubai are as under

  • Licensing and Registration Application form submission
  • Original license, but if it is ended a copy should be submitted
  • NOC or no-objection letter which is duly issued by Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor
  • Cancellation of Visa of the partner. If the applicant is a non GCC national, and sponsored by the license should also apply for visa cancellation.
  • UAE Central Bank NOC for cancellation of foreign exchange dealer, shares & bonds broker, money market & currencies broker.