If you are willing to enjoy the benefits of stable economy, excellent banking facilities, tax exemption and favorable regulatory framework of the UAE, this type of enterprise will serve you the best. The United Arab Emirates is a federation of 7 flourishing business friendly hubs. To surpass all the hurdles and paper works, PRO Desk offers reliable services of offshore company setup in UAE.


  • No taxes and no regulations of tax department (except for the foreign bank branches and oil producing companies)
  • No account filing
  • No information exchange of taxation and agreements with any other company
  • Confidential and highly flexible banking system for high-net worth global investors
  • No public records of shareholders and directors
  • Strong legislation to protect the identity of investors
  • Comprehensive mitigation of risk
  • Great financial isolation for investor
  • Configuration done in low cot
  • Zero modernized administration and bureaucracy

How can We Assist in Offshore Business Setup in Dubai?

If you are residing in any foreign country and need professional help, this is the best way to take advantages on tax incentives. PRO Desk is a leading provider of pro services in Dubai for company startup, visa applications, company closure and various other document clearance services. We offer everything you required to offshore company setup in UAE.

Well supported by the team of experienced and highly skilled formation agents who know the complete procedure and have profound knowledge regarding associated regulations, rules and legal formalities, We at PRO Desk, can turn your investment into a growing and profitable venture. From bank account formation to license renewal, you can trust us in every move it takes to complete your offshore company setup in UAE.  We endeavor to cover an idea of business into a feasible proposition through our reliable consultancy.

Our mentors will advise you by deeply understanding your specific case and requirements of business objectives. We ensure to help you out during the documentations and opening of bank account by complying all the rules and regulations.

Types of Offshore Company in Dubai

There are various legal structures offered for offshore company setup in UAE

  • Private Foundation
  • Trust
  • Partnership
  • Offshore Company

International Business Company

IBC is an official offshore company formed in the specific zones of the UAE under some jurisdictions as a tax-free corporation which is not allowed to engage in any sort of business within the area, it is incorporated in. This type of setup is usually used to conduct banking, investment activities, asset protection, professional services and international trade.

Company Activities and Name

During offshore company setup in UAE, keep these points in mind

  • The name of your company must have “LTD” in the end
  • You are not allowed to use INSURANCE, BANKING and REINSURANCE in the name of your organization and are not permitted to conduct or pursue business activities


In order to get official offshore company setup in UAE you have to provide

  • Copy of your passport (Notarized)
  • Residence proof which includes 2 telephone and utility original bills which are not older than 3 months
  • Reference letter from Bank in English
  • Original Bank Reference Letter
  • 2-3 names of the company of your choice
  • Bank account payment

To Open a Bank Account

  • Copy of your verified passport
  • Original bank statement from last 6 months
  • Attested certified ad stamped bank forms