This service is used to apply for an Employee’s Employment Visa. First, we need to consider a few things about this service. An Employment Visa has 2 parts: The Entry Permit and the Residence Visa. 


Employer applies for a Yellow Copy of the Entry Permit. 

  1. We then have to consider if the Employee is within the UAE or not. 
  2. If the Employee is in the UAE then we have to amend his/her visa position at DNRD. This is done to prevent exit. 
  3. If the new Employee is outside the UAE, then we have to consider if he will be arriving at the Dubai airport or in any other airport in the UAE.
  4. a. Case a: Employee arriving in Dubai Airport. The Yellow electronic copy of the Entry Permit will be enough to grant him access into UAE.
  5. b. Case b: Employee arriving at an airport other than Dubai. Employer would need to obtain the Pink Copy (the Original Copy) of the Entry Permit. This is due to the fact that other airports do not have the system to electronically verify if the Entry Permit is valid. Some airlines would also request the original copy of the Entry Permit.
  6. After arrival, the employee would go into the process of Intimation. During this time, the new employee would be subject to medical testing, submission of required documents and Residence Permit Stamping.
Documents to upload (Mandatory): 
  • Passport Copy  
  • Latest Colour Photograph (4.5cm X 3.5cm)
Documents to upload (Optional):  
  1. Passport page 2  
  2. Medical fitness report (Medical Report from the country of origin is required for Sri Lankan and Indonesian nationalities at the time of applying for EVEP, if applicant is outside the UAE)  
  3. Birth certificate  
  4. Education certificate (Educational Certificate copy attested by UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required for Managerial/ Professional categories)  
  5. Company Immigration Card (CIC) 
  • Normal Package: Outside Country: AED 2,923 Inside the country: AED 3,723  
  • Urgent Package: Outside Country: AED 3,513 Inside the country: AED 4,313  
  • VIP Package: Outside Country: AED 4,813 Inside the country: AED 6,463 

Visa Position Amendment is to obtain an entry stamp on the newly issued Employment Visa without exiting UAE (Subject to GDRFA approval) To be submitted as a separate service request under Employee Services –>Other Services Amend Visa Position at DNRD In case of VIP Service Package and Applicant inside the Country, Visa position Amendment will be processed internally by Jafza. (No separate Service request is required)

No physical document submission is required: 

Documents to be uploaded: 

  • New Entry Permit  
  • Previous Residence Cancellation copy / previous entry permit  
  • Passport page 1  
  • Passport page 2 - (Optional) 
  • Original Entry Permit (pink visa – if customer has obtained the pink copy) – (Optional)   

AED 840  
AED 50 GDRFA Application Fee 

Once the request is updated as ‘Medically fit’, customer must upload the below documents to proceed with Residence Stamping : 

  • Stamped Emirates ID registration form  
  • Health Insurance Card copy  
  • Entry Permit copy  
  • CIC copy  
  • Medical fitness result from DHA 

Once the above documents are uploaded in the system, the below physical documents must be submitted through courier:  

  1. Passport (PP) Original  
  2. Three sets of New Employment Contract or Undertaking Form if Applicant has a Bank Guarantee wavier. (Upon Arrival Intimation, Employment Contract or Undertaking will be sent to the registered email or can be downloaded from the portal through Summary Information - Reports) 

Documents required to upload at the time of SR submission  

  • a) Photo  
  • b) Passport page 1  
  • c) Passport page 2 (Optional)  
  • d) Residence visa copy  
  • e) Medical Insurance copy  
  • f) Emirates ID Application Form (Emirates ID copy in case of VIP service package)  
  • g) Computer Immigration Card (CIC) 

Upon submitting the Online Request, the customer will receive the following Documents.  

  • a) Auto generated DHA Application Form from DHA  
  • b) Auto generated Employment Contract  
  • c) Medical Appointment schedule (Not Applicable for VIP Service Package)  
  • d) Emirates ID Appointment schedule (Not Applicable for VIP Service Package) 

Physical Document Requirements for Renewal of Residence Permit Stamping (For normal and urgent service package) Below documents must be submitted through courier:  

  • a) Passport (PP) Original  
  • b) Three sets of Renewal Employment Contract or undertaking Form (5) if the customer has a BG wavier (Employment Contract/Undertaking will be sent to registered email once the SR submitted or can be downloaded from portal through Summary Information - Reports)  
  • c) Company Immigration Card (CIC) copy  
  • d) EIDA Registration Copy 


Normal Package: AED 1,850 + CEC Renewal Charges  
Urgent Package: AED 2,280 + CEC Renewal Charges  
VIP Package: AED 3,590 + CEC Renewal Charges  


  • CEC Renewal charge depends on the existing card validity  
  • CEC card will be renewed according to the validity of Resident Permit  
  • If passport validity is less than 6 months or expired, employee records will not reflect for RP renewal. Please update the new passport details by using online service “Update employee new passport Details “available under “Employee Service –> Other Services” 
  • An additional fee of AED 5,000 will be charged if applicant age is above 65 years. Refundable only if request is rejected by GDRFA. 

When an applicant in inside UAE documents required to upload at the time of SR submission  

  • a) Residence visa copy  
  • b) Passport page 1 
  •  c) Passport page 2  
  • d) Copy of End of Service Letter  
  • e) CIC copy  
  • Physical Document Requirements:  
  • a) End of Service Entitlement (Form 7)  


AED 300  
AED 140 If Urgent (Additional)