If your UAE’s business license is approaching its expiration date, it’s important to renew as soon as possible to prevent future inconveniencies. If this is your first time to renew a license, the following steps shall guide you all through the renewal process.

Start by checking your tenancy contract

Before applying for renewal, make sure you have a valid tenancy contract for about 3 months. The business renewal will not be approved if your tenancy contract has expired.  So find out first about the expiration of your tenancy before applying for a business renewal.

Licensing Approval from your line of business

In UAE, different associations and business types have their bodies governing the affairs of the line of business. For instance, restaurants and food vendors are government by food safety department. On the other hand, taxi drivers follow the rules and regulations set by transport authority. Locate the authority in charge of your line of business and seek permission from them. When you are in their good books, you can proceed with application and other processes.

Submit application

Submit the application along with copies of renewal form, EJARI attestation, as well as tenancy contract.   Submit the necessary application and other documents for approval. The DED (Department of Economic Development) will give you a transaction number or a payment voucher when you have submitted the application. This transaction number will be the reference point of any further communication you have with them until your license is approved. So, it’s important to keep it safe.  You can also carry out the renewal process online through the DED office. This will be more ideal if your business premise is a bit far from their physical office location.

Make payment

Before your license renewal is approved, you have to make payments to DED with the payment voucher given to you. It’s important to try and renew your license as early as possible. When you delay, it usually attracts a lot of fine during payments. That’s why it’s important to start on time.

Although the DED has made licensing renewal a lot easier, getting the entire required document, following up on renewals, and getting licensing approvals can take a whole lot of your time. That is why it’s important to start very early to seek for licensing renewal. Do not wait until the last hour before you start your application because you may face some bottlenecks during the process.

If you start on time, you will be able to stay patient if there is any unforeseen delays during the renewal process.