If you are looking to cancel your residence Visa in the UAE but don’t really know how, this content is for you. The content below provides information on the right things to do when terminating your Visa in Dubai, UAE. Find out what is required and how you need to do it right.

Who is allowed to cancel your residence visa?

Naturally, you may not be able to process your visa cancellation by yourself. Your sponsor has to do it for you.  If your employer wants to cancel your visa, they have to submit the necessary documents and apply officially at Ministry of Human resources. That is where all documentation will be carried out before your application is processed. After submitting the relevant documents, the employer still needs to apply at GDRFA for cancellation. As an employee, you also need to sign the application before it is approved.

Cancellation of work permit

When the application is receiving the attention of authorities, the employee needs to sign a document stating that the employer has fully paid his wages and gratuities. This will be necessary to complete the visa cancellation.

If you are an individual sponsoring your children or spouse, you need to first cancel their visa before cancelling yours. 

Two methods of cancelling residence visa

There are two basic steps to take when cancelling residence visa. You can do it online or through registered typing center.

Registered typing center

Normally, your sponsor may go to any GDRFA registered typing office and fill out the cancellation form. Then it can be processed online through the GDRFA center.

Online cancellation

Online processing of visa cancellation form has become the most common method because of its efficiency. Your sponsor may submit the cancellation form and follow the guidelines stipulated by GDRFA.

Required documents

 The following documents are required before you can successfully cancel your visa in UAE.

  • Sponsors identity card
  • Sponsor’s original passport must be obtained. If the sponsor is not presently in the UAE, a computer scanned passport will be acceptable.
  • Clearance certificate must be obtained from the ministry
  • Cancellation form must have seal of the company stamp

After Cancelling your visa means that Emirates identity card given to you will have to be cancelled too. The cancellation duration doesn’t take more than a week. In some cases, you can complete everything within 2 days. As long as your sponsor is ready and you have all the required documents, it shouldn’t take much time.