The long-awaited DUBAI EXPO 2020 is finally here and has welcomed over 1.5 million visitors in less than a month. Keeping in mind the theme-“Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, it will provide a platform to bring knowledge, innovation, and opportunities for everyone! Businesses all around the world now have the chance to collaborate and connect on a global level and also expand their operations by starting a business in Dubai.


EXPO 2020-New era of business 


Expo 2020 is the gateway to the Arab world and is expected to create business growth for international investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and multinational companies who can choose an LLC company formation in UAE.

This will bring businesses in Dubai into a new era as the city will undergo a huge paradigm shift. What is even more fascinating is that there have been some major improvements to the infrastructure of the city as Dubai at present is facing a significant rise in tourism. Due to the pandemic, all safety protocols and measures are set in place to manage the visitors and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The business growth and opportunities in Dubai are expected to grow significantly as the EXPO 2020 is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the world post-pandemic. By participating in this event, owners of startups will get good exposure to connect and interact with investors, business leaders, and international companies and build long-term business relationships.

According to the director of international offices at Dubai Chamber, Omar Khan Expo 2020 will be the world’s largest brainstorming session where a lot of excitement and conversations will stir up among the myriad pavilions. He also believes that EXPO 2020 will bring a lot of positive results.

EXPO 2020 will open new opportunities for both small start-ups and major corporations where they can come and showcase their products during investment forums, pitching sessions, corporate gatherings, and various talks that will help encourage them to expand their horizons, build strategies and enhance their brand image.


New Business condition 


The event is expected to create up to $35 billion in revenue (according to estimates) and foreign investments are likely to generate $150 billion for the country.The business conditions in Dubai have also improved tremendously with the economy expanding by 3.1 percent by end of this year. Mr. Khan also believes that with EXPO 2020 deals will be signed and friendly negotiations and bargains will be done which would not be possible earlier. The results will be extraordinary. 

Business confidence can be seen in recruitment drives by UAE’s biggest business tycoons. EXPO 2020 is expected to create around 100,000 thousand jobs, Dubai and UAE will be hit with an enormous wave of growing and incoming talent so companies can hire the best international talent.

The Dubai Chamber’s  survey has shown business conditions have improved in the third quarter of 2021. Amazon had announced about creating 1500 job opportunities whereas Emirates Airlines also plans to recruit 3000 cabin crew and 500 airport service jobs in the upcoming months.

After the event is over, the EXPO site will be re-used and will be converted to a sustainable city known as District 2020 which will feature office and residential spaces, cultural attractions, leisure amenities, and much more.


Dubai welcomes new visitors [H4]


According to Issam Kazim, Dubai Tourism chief executive, EXPO 2020 will be a magnetic force for tourism, events, business, finance, and retail. According to statistics, UAE has welcomed more than 2.85 million visitors in the first half of 2021, and so Mr. Kazim believes this milestone event will create an opportunity to demonstrate Dubai’s finest. It can showcase all that it has to offer with its Arabian hospitality which attracts people from all over the globe.

Emirates Airlines  are experiencing numerous passengers traveling and further growth in their operations because of EXPO2020. Dubai will expect more visitors till next year.


Building your business in Dubai


The Chairman of Indian Business and Professional Council Suresh Kumar has estimated a population of three million Indian tourists for EXPO 2020. He expects the EXPO to create marvelous opportunities for Indian Businesses based in Dubai. British Business Group’s  lead for Expo Adrian Costigan has also reported that EXPO has created a huge buzz among the UK community who are also expected to visit Dubai in large numbers. More than 6000 UK companies are operating in the UAE. Amazing isn’t it?




So, if you were considering opening a new business in Dubai, then now is the time to start. Omar Khan describes Dubai as turning from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly and will be more agile and ten times more cosmopolitan with younger crowds. He encourages people to visit and build their brand in Dubai. Although it is competitive, it is the best place to be with professionalism and a good mentality. One can achieve this with the help of Business setup services in Dubai. In short, EXPO 2020 is the place to be for startups to come forward and set up their companies. PRO Desk Documents Clearing Servicesis your one-stop business solution in providing excellent services for new entrepreneurs in the incorporation of a new company in Mainland, free zones, and offshore.