Umm Al Quwain Free Zone (UAQ FTZ) is located in Umm Al Quwain, a friendly, advanced and wealthy emirate with modern setup. Famous for its desert scenery and unique vegetation flower, plants and wildlife, it is also a popular vacation destination and is conveniently located within 45 minutes from Dubai International Airport; Umm Al Quwain is a friendly, progressive and prosperous emirate within the United Arab Emirates. Umm Al Quwain stable economy, open investment climate and low costs of living and labour make it a strategic business base with the MENA region, Subcontinent, Far East and European markets all within easy reach.

Umm Al Quwain Free Zone is an ideal location for Micro Businesses, SME’s and Multinationals companies to do business in a safe and sound free trade zone environment and it is one of the best good-looking places for your effective investment in the region. Our professional services make the registration and licensing process quick and easy.

UAQ Free Zone is a strategic initiative of the Government of Umm Al Quwain, with an instruction to provide the required infrastructure and inducements for a prosperous business community.

Advantages of Umm Al Quwain free zone company

* Generous investment incentives

* 100% foreign ownership

* Investor-friendly environment

* 0% corporate and personal tax,

* 100% repatriation of capital and profits

* Open investment climate

* No exchange control

* Low costs of living and labour

* Flexibility and ease of doing business

* Customer-friendly approach

* Excellent growth opportunities

* Cost-effective leasing options for office space and warehousing

* Sound, transparent and modern legal framework

* No restriction on investment in any sector is further evidence of our openness towards international investors.

* Premium Consultancy, Micro Business, Freelancer Permit.

Umm Al Quwain Free Zone authority look forward to provide the perfect infrastructure that will allow you to run your idea into a successful business

Type of Licenses allowed for UAQ Free zone Company

An UAQ Free zone company can hold one of the following types of license

Commercial License

This authorizes the import, export, distribution and storing of items specified on the license. A Commercial License can have three different product lines or 10 similar product lines.

General Trading License

This enables the licensee to trade in a wider range of activities and gives the freedom and flexibility to trade in any commodity which is permitted within the UAE. Note: Commodities which require special approval or clearance from various UAE authorities e.g. explosives and armaments cannot be traded with a General Trading license.

Consultancy License

This is for entities which offer expert or professional advice and is issued to all manner of professionals including artisans and craftsmen. It allows two similar activities.

Freelance Permit

This allows an individual to operate as a freelance professional, and conduct business in one’s birth name as opposed to a brand name or company. The Freelance Permit is designed for individuals who operate in technology, media and film sectors, and is issued to talent roles, creative roles and selected administrative roles.

Industrial License

This enables the licensee to import raw materials, then manufacture/ process / assemble / package the specified products, and export the finished product. It allows the holder to import raw materials for the purpose of manufacturing, processing and/or assembly of specified products.

Service License

This license is for service providers. It permits the licensee to carry out the services specified on the license within the Free Zone, such as Logistics; Courier Services; Insurance Service Provider; Travel Agency; Tour Services; Car Rental etc.

Micro Business License

The license is suited to those who would like to start with minimum budget and do not need a physical office or a visa. They can start a Trading or a consultancy business using this cheapest option.

Premium Consultancy License

This license allows Real Estate consultancy, Financial Consultancy, Tourism Consultancy, Legal consultancy, Investment Consultancy, Oil and Gas engineering Consultancy, Shipping and Logistics and Aviation Consultancy.

Type of Entity Allowed in UAQ free zone

There are several options when it comes to establishing a business within UAQ FTZ

* A Free Zone Establishment (FZE), which is suitable for a single shareholder

* A Free Zone Company (FZC), which is for two and up to 50 shareholders

* A branch of an existing company Corporate shareholders are permitted.

Document required for UAQ Free Zone companies formation

Following documents are needed for UAQ free zone companies formation

* Passport Copies for the shareholders

* Passport copy and C.V for the Manager

* Proof of initial approval for the activities

* Proof of trade name reservation

* Personal Information sheet for each shareholder & manager (Template will be forwarded by Our Firm)

* Notarized and attested Power of Attorney appointing Our Firm as your legal representative, So that we can act on your behalf and/or on behalf of the shareholders. (Template will be forwarded by Our Firm).

* Lease agreement – Having a physical address for your business/office is Mandatory in the UAE. The rent in average within the free zone area is US$ 25 up to US$ 45 per sq. ft. Our Firm, can assist you while searching for your Physical address. (This item will be required only after we obtain the initial approval from the authority)

* There are some activities which might require third party / authority pre approval – accordingly additional Cost and professional fees might be applicable.

* Also during the process, it might be a requirement for a few other documents by the authorities

Additional Documents required for a corporate shareholder

* Board resolution to be resolute by the board of directors for your existing company at place of origin expressing intent of establishing a new setup abroad. Must be attested and notarized by the U.A.E Embassy.(Template will be provided)

* Attested and notarized Memorandum of Association / Article of Association. It must be attested from the UAE Embassy at the place of origin.

* Certificate of registration (if applicable) for your existing company/ entity, license or certificate of incorporation your existing company attested and notarized by the U.A.E Embassy.

Umm Al Quwain Free Zone Table of government cost & Professional fees

ItemRegistrationLicensePremium OfficeAddress ServicesBenefactor FeesVisa EligibilityTotal
Commercial License2,000 AED2,500 AED16,000 AEDN/AN/A2 VISAS20,500 AED
Consultancy License2,000 AED2,500 AED16,000 AEDN/AN/A2 VISAS20,500 AED
General Trading License2,000 AED9,500 AED16,000 AEDN/AN/A3 VISAS27,500 AED
Premium Consultancy License2,000 AED14,500 AED16,000 AEDN/AN/A3 VISAS32,500 AED
Micro Business License2,000 AED2,500 AEDN/A9,000 AEDN/ANO VISAS13,500 AED
Freelancer Permit2,000 AED2,500 AEDN/A9,000 AED3,000 AED1 VISAS16,500 AED

What is special about UAQ free zone companies?

UAQ free zone companies has three licenses which are specially designed for needs of businessmen looking for activities not easily allowed in another places, for single professionals, and for most economical options. These special licenses are Micro Business, Premium Consultancy and Freelancer Permit. They are shown above. The UAQ free zone company registration process does not need the owner to come to Umm Al Quwain in UAE for signing the papers. The work can be done through others like a consultant.

Procedure for the company formation in UAQ free zone

Step 1: Choose the license

Decide which license is most applicable to your business requirements i.e. Commercial License, General Trading License, Freelance Permit, Consultancy License, Service License or Industrial License. If uncertain, Our team of knowledgeable staff can advise.

Step 2: Choose the entity

There are three main options when it comes to setting up a business within UAQ FTZ

* A Free Zone Company (FZC), which is for two and up to 50 shareholders

* A Free Zone Establishment (FZE), which is suitable for a single shareholder

* A branch of an existing company

Step 3: choose the facility

Choose from a variety of offices, warehouses and land suitable for your business

Step 4: Submit documents

The correct documents must be submitted for FZE, FZC and branches. Our staff is happy to assist with guidance if required

Step 5: payment

Upon submitting the document, UAQ FTZ staff will raise an invoice whereupon payment will be required

Step 6: receive trade license and activate your business

After making payment, the entity will be licensed from UAQ Free Trade Zone Authority. Any questions and enquiry can be spoken to the elected client relationship manager. As soon as the license has been issued, the business is ready to begin trading within UAQ FTZ.