To start a new business in free zone, you should follow these steps. First, choose the type of company you want to open, choose a trade name, get your business license and then get your business registered and start operating. Free Zones in Dubai are areas where you can run your business without tax, 100% foreign ownership and zero custom duty benefits. A large number of investors come and invest in these free zones that make the trade easy and cost-effective in the Middle East. If you’re planning to branch your business or want to set up a new business in Dubai free zone, that might prove to be one of your best business choices. But the procedure of registering your company or business in Dubai free zone is lengthy and tiresome. You don’t want to visit offices every now and then, wait in the queues while your business misses lucrative growth opportunities because you’re not actively attending it.

It is considered wise to outsource these activities to the masters of the field like PRO Desk.

Here is a quick PRO Desk guide to set-up your business in Dubai Free Zone.

  1. Choose the Type of Legal Entity

There are more than 30 free zones in Dubai. First, you need to decide on which free zone you want to establish your business. After that, decide what kind of legal entity your company will adopt.

The major types are:

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC)
  • Free Zone Company (FZ Co.)
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

Multinational firms can also open their respective branches in these Dubai free zones.

  1. Choose and Register Your Brand/Trade Name

To stand out from the crowd in the free zones and to be legally approved by authorities, you need to register your business with a specific trade name. The name must comply with the chosen type of the company (LLC, Co., FZE etc.), it must not be already registered, must complement the activities involved in the business and should not be racist or discriminant.

PRO Desk helps you choose the trade name which complied with every Government policy and get it approved quickly.

  1. Get Your Business License

Your business license depends upon the types of activity your business carry out. You can choose from over 600 activities in multiple sectors and then apply for the license. Getting the help of consultants like PRO Desk helps you get your license quickly than through manual self-procedures.

  1. Get Your Office Space

After you get your license, find an office space that can accommodate your employees. There is a variety of options available in the free zone to rent or buy office space.

Approval, Registration and Shifting

After you get the permission of running a specific business in a free zone in Dubai, you have to register your business with the respective free zone authority. There is a lot of documentation involved from getting the approval to processing your and your employees’ visas.

It can take months to complete the task of getting stamps and signature on your IDs, passports etc. It is better to lend some help from professionals who have been doing this for years and save time and money.

PRO Desk helps you similarly.

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